The Theory Test

Before you can undertake your motorcycle test you will need a valid CBT Certificate (DL196) and to have passed your Motorcycle Theory Test.

The Theory Test has 2 elements consisting of a multiple choice question section, followed by the hazard perception video section. You need to pass both elements before you can take your practical test. If you fail either section you will have to retake BOTH parts again on another date.

Part one – multiple choice

Before you start the test for real you are given a practice go to get used to the screen etc.

The maximum time allowed is 57 minutes, there are 50 questions and you need to get 43 or more correct to pass this element = 86%

As each question appears on the screen you will see several answer options – choose one by touching the screen, remember that for some questions there is more than one answer.

If you don’t know the answer to a question or want to come back to it you can flag the question and return to it later.

Part two – hazard perception

Prior to starting this element of your test you will be shown a short video explaining how it works.

You’ll be shown a series of video clips each of which contains a developing hazard, which gets more obvious as the clip progresses. Beware one of the clips contains 2 hazards!

You need to identify the hazard(s) as early as possible to get the highest score but if you click the mouse too soon you will not score any points for that particular clip. Basically click the mouse as soon as you actually spot a potential hazard developing that may result in you having to take some sort of action in real life, e.g. having to change speed, brake or direction. The maximum score you can achieve for each developing hazard is five points.

To succeed in this part you need to achieve a score of 44 or more out of 75, (that’s 59%) but you will not be able to go back and check where you clicked the mouse.

After finishing both parts you are then given your results in a separate room.


You will need to take both parts of your driver’s licence with you – If you have the old style paper licence you will also need your passport. If you forget them you will not be allowed to take your test.


You can book your Theory Test by telephone on 0300 2001122

Or online at it’s located under the learners and new drivers heading.

Be careful if you search via Google as you may get a private companies internet site that charge you a booking fee!


The cost as at Sept 2012 is currently £31


The Theory Test Certificate is valid for two years but both Modules 1 and 2 of the actual Motorcycle Test must be passed during the life of the same Theory Certificate.

Motorcycle Theory Test – Download our great PDF