CBT (Compulsary Basic Training)


You will need to bring your UK Photo ID driving licence.  If you have an old style licence, you will need to bring a valid passport. The document must be original, as photocopies are not accepted.






Provisional Licence Holders


Before undertaking a CBT course, you must first hold a valid provisional or full driving licence showing provisional entitlement category A. At 16 years of age you will only be able to ride a 50cc machine and up to a 125cc machine from 17 years of age.


Full Car Licence Holders


If you obtained your full car licence before 1 February 2001 you are automatically entitled to ride a 50cc machine without L-plates (D-plates in Wales).

If you obtained a full car licence after 1 February 2001 you must first complete a CBT course and obtain a DL 196 certificate to validate your 50cc entitlement and this will then be valid for the life of your driving licence, but for 50cc machines only. If you wish to ride above a 50cc and up to 125cc you must complete a further CBT after the 2 year expiry date of the original CBT certificate or complete your full motorcycle test to ride above 125cc machines.


The CBT syllabus includes five elements, which have to be completed in sequence.

  •Element A – Introduction

  •Element B – Practical On Site Training

  •Element C – Practical On Site Riding

  •Element D – Safety Talk

  •Element E – Practical On Road Riding

You will only move onto the next element when your instructor is satisfied you have learned the necessary theory and demonstrated the practical skills to a safe level.

When all five elements are satisfactorily completed, a Certificate of Completion of Training (DL196) will be issued to you. This is a legal document, which serves to validate the relevant entitlements on the driving licence and should be kept with your licence.

All CBT certificates are valid for two years from the original date of issue. You need to retake the CBT if both the theory and practical tests are not completed within the two year period if you wish to continuing riding with a CBT certificate.

There are 5 Elements of the CBT that must be completed to a satisfactory standard as required by DVSA, should your Instructor inform you that further training is required then it will be charged as per the first day. 

What do you need to bring?


Whatever the weather, you must wear the correct clothing as we may refuse to train you if you are inappropriately dressed.

•You need to wear long trousers (jeans are fine), and sturdy footwear (strong shoes or boots)

•We supply helmets, jackets, gloves and waterproof over-trousers if you do not already have your own. Waterproof clothing is strongly recommended, as you course will continue if it rains or not

•If you normally wear glasses or contact lenses, you will need to bring them to read a registration plate at a minimum distance of 66 ft (20 metres)

•You will need to bring your UK Photo ID driving licence, If you have an old style licence, you will need to bring a valid passport. The document must be original, as photocopies are not accepted.



 It is advisable that all non-drivers obtain a copy of the Highway Code or study it online before attending their CBT training day as although there is no actual test a high standard of rules of the road is required and during the second part of the road ride (element E) individuals will only be given route directions without instruction from their instructor.



 Although it is a legal requirement that a CBT is required as described earlier, your instructor is there to help and encourage you during your training day, please feel free to ask questions and enjoy your day as it’s a rewarding experience that gives you a new found freedom and independence.