Advanced Training

DIAmond Advanced Motorcycle Test

If you are thinking of enhancing your rider skills and gaining an Advanced Rider qualification then we can help you train for the DIAmond Advanced Motorcycle Test.

The Driving Instructors Association (DIA) developed the DIAmond Advanced Motorcyclist Test and it is the first advanced test in the UK that uses the approved Driving Standards Agency’s test marking system and is the only advanced test to conform to the BS EN ISO 9002 Quality Assurance standards and also gain Driving Standards Agency approval.

Is the first advanced test available to the general public which examines the Driving Standards Agency’s recommended syllabus for riding in its entirety and unlike most other advanced courses with DIAmond you will be trained and examined by a DSA registered professional motorcycle instructor who holds current in date certification.

How Good Do I Have To Be?

Although your DIAmond examiner will use the DSA Cardington marking system and you can make up to six minor errors this isn’t the same as six or more errors on your original practical motorcycle test as the standards expected on the advanced test are considerably higher.

What Does The DIAmond Advanced Motorcycle Test Involve?

After initially completing a figure-of-eight and slow riding sections in an off road area you will proceed with the on-road element of the test, covering a test route of approximately 35 to 40 miles. The test takes around 60 minutes to complete, dependent on traffic, road and weather conditions on the day. The routes will cover roads in built-up areas, national speed limit areas, country lanes, dual carriageways and, where possible, motorways.

How Will My Riding Skills Be Improved?

You will become a safer rider via further developing your skills in a variety of road and traffic conditions, improving your riding techniques, awareness, road skills, cornering, progress, recognising potential hazards, observations, planning, anticipation, slow speed machine control etc. etc.

What Benefits do I get?

 Pass or fail – your examiner will give you a detailed de-brief of your riding.

12 months membership of the Master Drivers Club and you will also receive their bi-monthly driving magazine, Britain’s leading road safety publication.

Free use

of the DIA Helpline Service

Possible discounted insurance dependant on individual insurance companies and any already added discounts for alarms etc!

An attractive detailed Pass Certificate

DIAmond Advanced Rider Transfer for your bike


DIAmond Advanced Special Test

The DIAmond Special Test follows the same procedure as the DIAmond Advanced Motorcyclist test, but instead of six errors, only two are allowed (provided they are not repeated) for a pass and the test will last for approximately 90 minutes.

The examiner will be looking for the perfect ride in total safety.

If passed you receive a DIAmond Special Test certificate and the relevant transfer for your bike.


As every rider has differing levels of experience, skill and ability, courses are tailored to meet individual requirements after the first training session.

Training costs = £25 per hour


Advanced Motorcycle Test Fee = £78

DIAmond Special Test Fee  = £125

Professional Instructors have to re-qualify every 3 years; this does not apply to members of the general public.